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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Agents of Satan: Origins of Scorpius

I'd planned to do coffee and give a status report yesterday, but I was distracted by news that I simply couldn't ignore: the statements that an Oklahoma state senator made about rape and incest being "God's will." You can read more about that individual and his statements via the link featured in this post.

I was so outraged at what I read that I tweeted a message to the GOP leadership. The following embed contains the link to the article containing the blasphemous comments made by Oklahoma state representative George Faught:

"Dear @GOP leadership, I'm curious: do any of you skinflints, cheapskates or misers believe that my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, would use one iota of His divine power to cause a child to be raped? Are you saying He would approve of incest?"

As I said yesterday, “I'm so pissed off I could slap the taste out of Satan's mouth." For now I'm with waiting to see who else is as pissed off as I am, but more updates are coming

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