Satan the Accuser

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Hitler's Playbook

Whoever is behind Trump's persecution and extermination of U.S. citizens is taking their cues from Adolf Hitler's playbook which, among other things, advocates the use of lethal force on peaceful, unsuspecting people of faith.

This became evident when, in an act of extreme cowardice; Trump retreated to his underground bunker because he was horrified at the sight of thousands of peaceful citizens outside of the White House.

The history of World War II is rife with accounts of Hitler's retreat into his underground bunker in the final weeks of that conflict. As the Soviet Army swarmed Berlin, Hitler allegedly committed suicide in order to escape capture.

Secondly, Trump was offended by the citizens who were tear-gassed because they didn't fear him, or the evil he represents. More importantly, he was exposed as a coward because he retreated from a threat that didn't exist. So he had to manufacture one. That's why he staged the photo-op at the church.

In conclusion, Donald Trump is greedy (Behemoth). He is a bigot (Belial). He is a misogynist (Asmodeus) and an alleged pedophile (Zophos). Christians everywhere should consider him an earthly adversary to our personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because Trump is an Agent of Satan.