Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Heretic in the Oval Office

Well who do we have here? It's the Heretic in the Oval Office. I hear he's been having a bad week. There are two tell-all books about him on the market, then there's the various Supreme Court decisions against him. He never imagined what life would be like with trans-gendered people getting their civil rights.

Now Trump has to shut up and deal with the reality, but he doesn't yet realize that life comes at you fast when you tear-gas unsuspecting, peaceful civilians then commit sacrilege after the fact. There is a reckoning coming his way that he isn't ready for.

Sacrilege is one of the few things that people from disparate spiritual traditions can understand. Sacrilege is an act of extreme disrespect towards a spiritual tradition in which one intentionally uses sacred objects improperly.

I remember when I was a Buddhist lay-priest in the Order of Nichiren Shoshu before the schism. My shrines were usually at the center of the household. I welcomed people from all walks of life into my abode with the caveat: Don't play with the shrine. Ever.

After the schism, I became a devotee of Queen Kali, the Destroyer of Fear. For a time I was happy, but the first day of Diwali in 2014, I was disturbed by a knock at the door while performing Kali Puja. An Agent of Satan disrespected me at my door. It was one of a series of events that resulted in the formation of Occupy Hades.

In Trump's case however, he has outraged Christians across the country. He was quickly denounced by the Episcopalians and the Catholic Church. Within 24 hours the call went out among the Southern Baptists, but what is most telling is Trump's rapidly rising disapproval ratings among Evangelical Christians.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I believe this: so long as Heretic in the Oval Office does not repent and atone for the tear-gas attack on unsuspecting, peaceful civilians at St. John's Church in Washington DC, and for the act of Sacrilege he committed shortly thereafter; everything he values, his greed (Behemoth), his misogyny (Asmodeus), his desire to destroy families (Zophos) and his bold-faced lies (Belial) will become his burdens. #ResistTheHeretic✝️